The lemon may seem like an ordinary citrus fruit with a tartness that causes a face contorting reaction when eating it. However, lemons are more than just a yellow, oval-shaped fruit with fragrant, thick skin. Experts found that lemons can provide several health benefits.

If you are looking for a way to improve your health, adding lemons to your diet can offer results. Of course, you would need to understand exactly what the lemon can do for you and your body. Learning about lemons and health benefits can assist you in determining if it is something worth purchasing during your next visit to the grocery store.

Health Benefits

There are many ways you can consume lemon to gain the health benefits from it. You can eat it as is, though some people have a difficult time eating lemons since they are so tart. If you would prefer not to eat a whole, fresh lemon, try adding the juice of the lemon to your water. The health benefits of lemon water are refreshing for you and your body.

More specifically, combining water and lemon is something experts often recommend. Adding fresh lemon juice to your water gives it an added boost of flavor. Water by itself is already good and healthy for you, as is lemon by itself. When you combine the two, you get a boost of benefits.

Better for Your Bowels

There are many digestive diseases that plague the population. Because digestive issues are so common, the National Institute of Health suggests that approximately 60 to 70 million people suffer from at least one of the existing digestive diseases. Finding ways to manage digestive diseases and regulate bowel movements is important for that very reason.

Fortunately, a combination of warm water and lemon might be just the cure you need. For best results, you should drink a glass of warm water and fresh lemon juice at the beginning of each new day. Avoid cold water. Cold water causes the muscles in your body to contract, which includes rectal muscles, making it harder for your to have a bowel movement.

Warm water relaxes the muscles, enabling you to loosen up. Finally, lemons contain a lot of minerals that help detoxify your body. The lemon juice encourages your body to purge unnecessary toxins, which includes toxins found in your bowels.

Better for Your Brain

The next time you find yourself asking what is lemon water good for, consider the benefits it offers your brain. Lemons contain a significant amount of potassium and magnesium, which your brain needs for proper functions. Magnesium helps block a specific calcium channel in the brain that is a glutamate receptor.

Grating lemon peel into your water for added fragrance and benefits may assist people who suffer brain issues, such as traumatic brain injury. When traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs, it lowers the amount of magnesium in the brain, which increases the production of the glutamate receptor.

Improving magnesium levels in the brain may have a positive effect on those who suffer from TBI. Studies seem to provide somewhat mixed results, though a report posted by the NCBI analyzed previous studies that noted some positive benefits of increased magnesium intake among people with brain injuries. Therefore, it is worth consuming lemon water to possibly add increased protection and function to your brain.

Better for Your Body

Some studies suggest the peel of a lemon may contain anti-cancer properties. Lemon peels contain polymethoxyflavones, or PMFs. Grating a lemon peel into a glass of water can help you ingest the peel in a way that is more appealing, thus allowing you to gain the health benefits. If you were to attempt to eat a lemon peel by itself, you would discover that it is very bitter tasting.

According to a report written by Liwen Wang and colleagues, the PMFs in citrus peels seem to have anti-tumor properties that can help prevent cancer. People who ingest flavonoids may see a decreased risk of colon cancer, and women may see a reduction in the risk of gastric and breast cancers.

Cancer is a very serious and deadly disease in any form. Although further studies are necessary to determine the benefits of PMFs, so far the results seem positive. Lemon peels are by no means a cure-all, but they can help reduce the risk of cancer. Therefore, drinking water containing grated lemon peel is something to consider adding to your daily diet.

Better for Boatmen

Centuries ago, scurvy was a massive issue, especially for boatmen. Travelers by boat would experience a vitamin C deficiency because of how much time they spent at sea. Although scurvy is not nearly as big an issue now as it was centuries ago, the navy still requires ships to carry enough lemons for sailors to drink at least a cup of juice each day.

Lemons are high in vitamin C, and according to Arizona State University, it was Dr. Lind who discovered the benefits of consuming lemons in 1747 to cure scurvy. Dr. Lind provided various foods to different groups of sailors. The sailors who consumed oranges and lemons saw an improvement in their symptoms and went back to work after just six days.

Even if you are not a sailor, you should still consider adding lemons or lemon water to your daily diet. A vitamin C deficiency can happen to anyone. If you do not eat a well-balanced diet, you could find yourself at risk of suffering a deficiency. Eating lemons or drinking lemon water, however, can prevent a vitamin C deficiency from occurring.

Better for Breathing

Believe it or not, lemons can help improve oxygenation in your blood and perhaps prevent dehydration when paired with water. Consuming foods rich in iron improves your body’s oxygenation. Iron-rich foods include cashew nuts, lentils, and kidney beans. However, it is not as easy for your body to absorb the iron in those foods compared to the iron found in meat.

According to Livestrong, you can improve your body’s ability to absorb iron by pairing those foods with citrus fruits that are high in vitamin C, like lemons. Therefore, since lemons help you absorb more iron, they inadvertently help you increase oxygen levels in your blood, which improves your breathing and other bodily functions.

In May 1953, a man named Edmund Hillary was one of the first men to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. When asked how he did it, Hillary attributed his successful climb to the consumption of certain foods that helped him prevent dehydration and allowed him to improve his breathing. Hot water and lemon was one of the foods he consumed to complete his climb to the summit.

How Much Should You Eat?

Although lemons are good for your body, there is a saying that you should heed. It is often said that you can have too much of a good thing. That statement is true for lemon consumption. Typically, you do not need more than one lemon per day. The recommended serving of lemon juice is one cup, which is just under the juice of one lemon.

You can safely consume up to two lemons per day, or three cups of diluted lemon juice, which is essentially lemon juice in water. However, if you consume anything beyond two lemons a day, you may put yourself at great risk. Too much citric acid can overload your body and have negative consequences.

How Should I Eat It?

There are several ways you can eat lemon. If you do not mind the tartness of it, you can eat a lemon as is. You can also squeeze fresh lemon juice over salads, vegetables, and certain meats, like chicken or fish. Many people prefer to combine lemon juice with water because it is a refreshing and revitalizing drink.

No matter how you choose to consume lemons, make sure you do so using fresh, uncooked lemon. Some people will cook lemon slices over chicken or fish. Although it is still healthy, many foods lose a significant amount of their nutritional value when cooked. You will gain the most of a lemon’s nutritional value if you do not cook it.


Lemons offer several surprising benefits that can improve your health in many ways. From detoxifying your body to improve bowel functions to improving your breathing, there is no reason not to add lemons to your diet. The benefits of water are already widely known, so imagine combining the powerful benefits of water to the amazing benefits of lemon.

You could improve your overall health easily by starting your day out with a cup of fresh lemon juice diluted in water. If you are always on the go, make sure you take some lemon water with you to keep you hydrated throughout the day. If you love to go jogging or running, lemon water can help you regulate your breathing for an improved fitness experience.

Who would have ever thought you could gain so many benefits from one simple yellow, oval-shaped fruit? There are several more benefits you can gain from lemons. To find out what those benefits are, consider purchasing lemons during your next trip to the grocery store.

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